Guiding Treatment of Heart Failure

LeukoLife Dx is a medical diagnostic company developing genomic assays that will guide treatment and improve survival for patients suffering from various forms of organ failure.


Our initial product, MyLeukoMAP™ is focused on improving Heart Failure treatment. 


20% of Heart Failure patients who undergo surgery die within 1 year.
Surgery is not recommended for this group of patients, but current technology cannot identify them before surgery.

If we could allocate high-risk procedures to those who can survive and medical care to those who can’t, we could increase overall patient survival, patient experience and healthcare effectiveness.

Our predictive assay will help patients make more meaningful decisions. 

This critical information will guide treatment by predicting outcome and will allow cardiologists to prescribe individualized therapy that matches individual patient survival probability. 

Personalized Precision.
Personalized Treatment.

Our MyLeukoMAP™ assay allows for personalized Heart Failure treatment options driven by the patient's ability to endure and recover from surgical intervention.

Surgical Intervention

Allocate high-risk procedures to those who can survive

Medical Support

Provide medical care to those who are less likely  to survive

Enhanced Survival

Increase overall patient survival through providing

 personalized treatment



Our first product and the first of its kind for Heart Failure. A non-invasive predictive assay to allow personalized treatment recommendation for high-risk patients.

The MyLeukoMAP™ assay is a molecular diagnostic assay that measures gene activity from a patient's blood cells and is predictive of his fitness to recover from and survive heart failure surgery.

MyLeukoMAP™ assay will guide treatment by predicting outcome. 

If we could allocate high-risk procedures to those who can survive and medical care to those who can’t, we could increase overall patient survival.

Survivability Prediction from a Non-Invasive Blood Sample

Using a non-invasive blood sample, MyLeukoMAP™ 

measures immune cell gene activity of specific genes that have been shown to predict Heart Failure survival.

MyLeukoMap™ uses a proprietary algorithm to calculate a score called Functional Recovery Potential (FRP) which relates to 1-year survival.


Use of the MyLeukoMAP™ assay to guide treatment for each patient can lead to better outcome, improved patient quality of life, and a significant reduction in healthcare cost.

Decision-Making / Outcome / Cost-Effectiveness
Better Informed Providers, Better Served Patients 

Use of the MyLeukoMAP™ assay to identify the 20% High-risk patients not identified by current diagnostics will allow cardiologists to prescribe therapy that matches individual patient survival probability.

We believe that the use of our assay to guide therapy will significantly improve the treatment of Heart Failure from the standpoint of the patient, the healthcare provider, and the healthcare system overall.

Heart Disease and Failure is the Leading Cause of Death Worldwide

Use of the MyLeukoMAP™ assay will improve outcomes and reduce treatment costs by as much as 90% for high-risk patients by avoiding costly procedures that lead to short-term death.

The annual cost of heart failure treatment in the United States is $37 billion, expected to rise to $97 billion by 2030.  MyLeukoMAP™ will increase patient survival, improve patient quality of life, and provide cost savings of $2.5-$5 billion per year by better matching high-cost/high-risk surgical procedures to those patients who will survive and prescribing medical management to those patients who would not survive surgery in their current condition. 

Cutting Edge, Proven Technology

Genomic Assay Technology is Proven and Successful. Molecular Diagnostic Assays are becoming standard-of-care in cancer diagnosis, prediction of cancer recurrence, organ transplant rejection, and selection of drugs to optimize treatment of mental illness.

With a simple blood test, a cardiologist will be able to determine whether surgery is the right treatment for a patient or if there are better options.


Survival Rates

A diagnostic that predicts patient survival will help guide treatment selection and direct surgery to those patients who are most likely to receive a meaningful benefit.


Quality of Life

The MyLeukoMap™ assay will reduce high-risk surgeries in low-survival patients, ensure optimal treatment selection, and save $2.5-$5 billion annually.


High-Value Healthcare


We are a medical diagnostic startup comprised of medical and business professionals passionate about improving survival benefit in
advanced heart failure patients.




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